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Our application works great, we need your support to grow!

We are adding blockchain to reward users. The founders of euShare have investment banking, and startup backgrounds. Because of our valuable experience as technology entrepreneurs, and investment bankers helping hundreds of startups we have identified a significant void in the marketplace, and euShare is going to fill it.

Anyone who gets involved now will be rewarded similarly to apps like Bee Network, and Pi Network.

The major difference is our platform is desperately needed, and will fill a very important void in the marketplace creating extraordinary value for eu!


Bill Gates believe users should be rewarded!

Like Bill Gates we believe the users of a network should be rewarded for their participation! That’s why we will reward eu for participation, just login every day. Earn more eu by referring others to euShare, be careful who you refer because they will be handsomely rewarded for their time, like you!

Network effect Valuation by Peter Theil

We believe there will be handsome rewards for two reasons. The first reason is because like Peter Theil says, a growing network of active users its self is valuable. This assumption makes eu valuable because users are earning eu through their participation. Secondly, our experience has uncovered a void that euShare will share and this will create extraordinary value for those who participate!

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